I’m Suzana,

If you’re determined to improve your relationships, reduce unnecessary suffering, and discover deeper meaning in your life while reaching new heights, then we’re a great match.

My Role: I offer assessments, strategies, and step-by-step guidance. I act as a reflective mirror, helping you gain insights from various perspectives. Together, we’ll work on changing what you’d like to improve or eliminate. I’m here to support you on your journey, taking you as far as you’re willing to go.

I’m patient, clear-headed, and straightforward. I value laughter and always aim to uncover the heart of the matter. Most importantly, I’m passionate about working with you to achieve your goals.

Your Role: Consistently showing up and committing to the transformational process is your part in this partnership.

Ready for the challenge?

Discover a Transformative Path to a Better You

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Your transformation starts here.

Welcome to My Unique Therapeutic Approach

My therapeutic approach is the result of my personal, professional, and academic journey, offering a distinctive experience you won’t find elsewhere. Every technique I employ has been personally tested and refined through my own experiences both as a patient and as a therapist. It represents the fruit of my quest to strike the right balance between sustainable, lasting change and the need for swift results here and now.

A Fusion of Leading Psychotherapy Theories

My approach integrates essential elements from the three primary psychotherapy theories:

Psychodynamic – Drawing from the foundation of 1st wave psychology theory.

Cognitive-behavioral – Incorporating insights from 2nd wave psychology theory.

Energy psychology – Harnessing the techniques of 3rd wave psychology theory.

With you as my client, I employ a dynamic blend of conversation, hypnosis, and tapping to guide you toward a profound and rapid transformation. Together, we’ll uncover the sweet spot where profound change and rapid progress intersect.

Your journey to personal growth begins here.

Exploring Personal Dynamics Through Psychodynamic Therapy

Psychodynamic therapy, rooted in Sigmund Freud’s psychoanalytic theory, serves as a powerful tool to delve into the intricate interplay of forces within you. These forces encompass the psychological, physiological, and emotional aspects of your being.

Our Exploration: Within this therapeutic framework, we embark on a journey to uncover the underlying dynamics that shape your life. We delve into a wide range of aspects, including attachment patterns, behavioral tendencies, relationship dynamics, decision-making processes, stress responses, worldviews, and personal values.

Building Self-Awareness: Through our work together, we aim to nurture your capacity for self-reflection and personal insight. Our goal is to empower you to cultivate an authentic and independent self, equipped with resilience and adaptability to thrive in various life situations.

Discovering Your True Potential: By unraveling the complexities within, we unlock the path to your fullest potential and a more fulfilling life. When you understand the forces driving your emotions and behaviors and you have a strong self, you gain control over your life. When you know who you are and you feel empowered, your potential grows and manifests.

Unlocking Emotional Freedom with EFT (Tapping)

The Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), also known as tapping, represents a cutting-edge 3rd wave intervention technique in psychotherapy. It stands as a gentle and highly effective method to regulate emotions, that harmonizes the mind and body in unison.

How It Works: EFT harnesses the power of both the mind and body. We utilize the mind to connect with challenging or negative experiences while simultaneously engaging the body through tapping on a series of acupressure points on the face, upper body and hands.

The Transformative Outcome: Through this unique approach, individuals experience both physical and emotional calming. It paves the way for the emergence of a healthy, adaptive response to stressors and triggers. EFT has demonstrated remarkable effectiveness in treating various conditions, including post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, phobias, depression, stress, and compulsive behaviors.

Your Key to Emotional Regulation: EFT has earned its reputation as the most efficient technique for emotional regulation. It’s an essential ingredient in the journey toward increased mental resilience and well-being.

Discover the freedom to navigate your emotions and experience lasting change.

Harnessing the Power of Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy is an age-old technique with a rich history across diverse cultures. Today, it serves as a versatile tool trusted by medical professionals and psychotherapists alike.

Wide-Ranging Applications: In the medical field, hypnotherapy can be used as an anesthetic, in chronic pain therapy, for gastrointestinal issues, dermatological conditions, childbirth, and treatment compliance. In psychotherapy, common applications include anxiety and phobias, sleep disorders, stress management, behavioral disorders, exam or competition preparation, motivation enhancement, smoking cessation, weight management, lifestyle changes, self-confidence improvement, anger management, etc.

Rapid, Side-Effect-Free Results: The beauty of hypnotherapy lies in its ability to deliver swift results without any side effects. It capitalizes on the innate human capacity for imagination and the inherent drive towards health that exists in all living beings.

HypnoCBT – The Fusion of the most effective techniques: At the intersection of hypnosis and 2nd wave psychology theories, we find HypnoCBT—a powerful and highly effective treatment approach. It harnesses the strengths of both disciplines to facilitate transformative change.

Experience the Potential: Explore the transformative possibilities of hypnotherapy and unlock your path to enhanced well-being and personal growth.

My clients lead brave lives and dare every day to manifest their potential. With perseverance they have overcome challenges of all kinds.

  • marriage
  • careeer change
  • self esteem
  • bringing up kids
  • relationship with parents
  • relationship with siblings
  • anxiety
  • worry
  • perfectionism
  • work related stress
  • parenting related stress
  • guilt
  • shame
  • grief
  • exams
  • being cheated
  • cheating
  • moving countries
  • sleep issues
  • unhealthy eating behaviours
  • high emotional reactivity
  • cravings
  • smoking cessation
  • Mindfulness
  • shyness
  • Divorce
  • remarriage
  • illness and medical pocedurese
  • fear of hights
  • fear of plains
  • fear of snakes
  • fear of mice or rats
  • Low self confidence
  • fear of technology
  • fear of needles
  • fear of driving
  • Exam anxiety
  • traumatic events
  • growing up with violent parents
  • growing up with an alcoholic parent
  • growing up with deprivation
  • caring for somebody with a chronic illness
… and many more.