What does smoking mean to you?

  • a coping mechanism for anxiety or stress,
  • a break,
  • a treat,
  • a well-deserved reward,
  • something cool or naughty,
  • an opportunity to chat with others?

It’s probably all that and more.

Have you ever tried to quit smoking? How long did you last? What made you start again?

Based on this information we will tailor your own strategy to becoming a nonsmoker, just as you were from the begining. Because no one is born a smoker and in fact smoking was completely unnatural before you forced yourself to smoke, wasn’t it?

We will work in three main directions:

  • emotional: we calm the emotional reactivity around smoking (craving, anxiety, missing out, sadness, etc.),
  • cognitive: we identify and debate the memories, thoughts, beliefs and associations that support smoking,
  • behavioral: relearn to behave like a non-smoker.

I will use hypnosis and tapping as the key techniques for your change. You will neutralize cravings, relearn to act as a non smoker and develop healthy coping skills to replace smoking. We will agree on the intervention plan together; it will most likely be around 10 sessions.

Learn how to become a non-smoker!