Find inner peace

When the past is emotionally loaded it stays with us as if it were the present. We continue living in the problem, consciously or not, until we find a solution. Usually we go in circles just changing the details while the pattern stays the same. Imagine how much better you would feel if you could calm these residual feelings, if you did find a solution and could finally move on, live in the here and now and let the past sink down in your memories.

  • Is your mind constantly haunted by certain memories from the recent or far past?
  • Do you feel guilt or shame around your past or your family or friends?
  • Do you keep bumping into the same kinds of relationship challenges again and again?
  • Are you numbing your feelings with shopping, food or other substances to avoid persistent negative emotions, like sadness or loneliness?

The Personal Peace Procedure

The Personal Peace Procedure is an exercise for using EFT to make peace with what happened to you in the past. It was created by EFT developer Gary Craig and is considered a foundational EFT application.

It was designed to be a self healing process but I am inviting you to do it with me.

Together we will make a list of specific, bothersome events from your life and we will work through each memory with tapping. We will identify feelings and beliefs derived from that particular event and we will calm the emotional charge until you find yourself able to restructure your beliefs and rewrite your story in a healthy way. We will also look at the consequences of that event in your life and work on any issues there.

Life can be so much better.

Life can be so much easier.