We all want to be happy but sometimes we get to a point in life when we realize we are stuck and we go on on auto pilot. Other times life takes us by surprise and overwhelms us in not so good a sense. These are the moments when reaching out for a psychotherapist can bring us support, deeper understanding and new resources, so that you come out wiser and stronger from the experiences life brings on. In my office I work with adults, adolescents, couples and families.

My purpose in therapy is to help you make changes that last. Often enough this will imply looking at various aspects of your life and taking only small steps towards your goals. Sometimes the discussions will unsettle you or even make you angry, other times you might cry or feel it’s not working. In the good days, you will feel safe and relieved and a little stronger. But what is sure to happen is that you will learn new things about yourself and you will eventually build new resources to lead you to live the life you desire for yourself.

These are a few examples when reaching for therapy might help:

  • You behave in ways that are not constructive
  • You feel stuck (professionally or relationship wise or emotional wise)
  • You find yourself in conflicting and unproductive relationships at home or at work or with friends
  • You are transitioning through major life stages (adolescence to adulthood, single to couple life, couple to parent life, divorce, empty nest, retirement, aging etc.)
  • You or a close one is experiencing a chronic or terminal illness
  • You are moving to a different culture/country/town
  • You want a better relationship with your own body
  • You want to start a family
  • Your couple relationship is not going well
  • You try to adjust to post partum life
  • You find rising kids more challenging and overwhelming than you thought
  • You would like some harmony in your extended family
  • You are going through a divorce or you are a step parent or you have remarried

Are you ready for a change? Call me at 0040 726 172 098 (or send me a text message if I don’t pick up) and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.